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Penates. Ilya Repin's Memorial Estate

Ilya Repin's Memorial Estate Penates” is located 45 km North of Saint-Petersburg,in a settlement called Repino (which was known by its Finnish name Kuokkala until 1948, when it was renamed after its most famous inhabitant – Ilya Repin) , on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Repin's estate is a famous monument of Russian culture of the end of the 19th -early 20th centuries, part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Russian realist painter settled here in 1899, designed his own house and called it “Penaty” ( Penates- the Roman gods of the household). He had lived in this estate for the last 30 years of his life. More than three hundreds of artworks by Ilya Repin, his friends and students are here on display. 

While visiting this wonderfully preserved estate, you'll learn about life, habits and creative work of one of the most famous Russian painters of the 19th century, whose position in the world of art was comparable to that of Lev Tolstoy in literature...

During the tour you'll see: several buildings, including the Repin`s house itself, charming Repin's garden, the grave of Ilya Repin. It's also possible to take a walk on the beach, as the estate is located exactly on the seaside.

Days off : Monday and Tuesday.

This tour takes about 5 hours.